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"FryDaddy" Audiophile Burn-In Generator


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The FryDaddy is a third-generation FryKleaner audiophile burn-in generator designed for higher power and faster results. Breaks in both single-ended and balanced cables, power cords too. Built into a rugged case. Note: FryDaddy is only available in 120Vac.


Break-in cables, electronics, and phonostages
Four output levels
Unique, scientifically created waveform
120Vac power supply


Output Amplitude:20Vpp
Output Impedance:150 ohms
Noise Bandwidth:200Hz to 20kHz
Modulation Sweep Range:2Hz to 200Hz
Size:6" x 8" x 4"
Power:120Vac 5W


User Manual (239k pdf)
Schematic (33k pdf)

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