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Tuba - Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier

$ 649.00

The TUBA is a world-class vacuum tube headphone amplifier designed to operate with either low impedance (Grado) or high impedance (Sennheiser) headphones. The power stage is a single-ended, zero-feedback, parafeed EL84 triode into an impedance matching transformer, offering very low distortion and huge signal headroom. An internal switching power supply creates a stable high voltage for tubes after a 30 second warm up delay. The amplifier is conveniently turned on and off by pressing the volume knob inwards.  Sonics are warm, organic, punchy, and extremely non-fatiguing.  


  • 10k/50k ohm input impedance
  • 16/32 ohm output impedance (LO/HI)
  • 10Hz to 150kHz bandwidth (-3dB)
  • 400mW output power @ 32 ohms
  • 7Vrms output voltage
  • 5dB gain
  • 0.25% distortion @ 0dBV 400Hz
  • 6 x 10 x 3.5 inches
  • 15Vdc @ 1.35A
  • EL84 x 2
  • Includes power supply & tubes
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  • Trav Wilson, Headphonesty
  • "As expected, the Tuba is a very well-mannered and non-fatiguing amp to listen to ... Throughout my time with the Tuba, I found it to be very laid back and non-aggressive. It’s an easy amp to like and to listen to for extended periods ... Sure enough, the Tuba sounds great with very sensitive in-ear monitors (IEMs) like the KZ ZS10 Pro. It has a very low noise floor and doesn’t add any unwanted hiss to playback, something I can’t say about most of the other desktop amps that I use ... I can happily report that the Grado SR325 has never sounded better with any other amplifier I’ve tried. The laid-back sound of the amp paired with the brighter Grado signature is a terrific combo. It made me remember why I fell in love with the Grado house sound the first time ... The Tuba is a unique product. It really doesn’t remind me of anything else currently available. The combination of tube warmth, polite sound, highly-efficient headphone compatibility, and crossfeed will make it ideal for some, but not for all. It certainly brings something different to the table for someone who currently owns an OTL tube amplifier." - Trav Wilson


  • "I just received the Tuba and am listening to it as I type. You have created yet another winner with this amp. Dead silent background with great musicality and detail retrieval, yet completely non fatiguing."