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FryBaby3 - Compact Burn-In Generator

$ 269.00

The FryBaby3 audio system conditioner is a burn-in signal generator designed especially for cables and interconnects. It can also be used to burn-in linestages, phonostages, and amplifiers. The sophisticated electronic waveform, a combination of wideband noise and variable frequency amplitude modulation, is designed to exercise both low and high frequency characteristics of conductors and insulators. Don't throw out your old cables, bring them back to life with a good burn!

For balanced XLR cables, check out our new XLR Adapter module. You can also order a spare set of Binding Post Adapters.


  • 1Vrms output amplitude
  • 100 ohm output impedance
  • 10Hz to 500kHz signal bandwidth
  • 2Hz to 200Hz modulation sweep range
  • 4 outputs
  • 5 x 3 x 2 inches
  • 120V to 240V operation
  • Includes power supply, binding post adapters




  • "Your process of treating the cables takes the sound to another dimension a higher level of audio quality, almost like another world. Much clearer and detailed with more depth and realism and with much less straining and fatigue. A good classical recording sounds pretty similar to when I see the LA Philharmonic in person sitting close in the front rows. I am very happy to put it mildly."
  • "Hi Jim, just wanted to give you a some feedback. I am just now listening to a cable that’s been burnt in with your frybaby. I hear a pretty big improvement in the sound. From a cable to one 4 times the cost it is quite an improvement. So much so that I’m going to upgrade all my other applicable cables to higher quality ones. I wonder how many people are unaware that audio devices need to be broken in. I’ve read that a lot of people claim it is a joke and not real. It is definitely a fact. I am a serious classical pianist and keyboardist so I have hearing that is probably more sensitive than most people. Thanks a lot for all your efforts in putting this device together and making it available to the public. I am retired so I have a lot of extra time to listen to music and with your help I will enjoy it much more."
  • "Your frybaby is the best $250 I ever spent on any audio component. Bless you."
  • "So far I’ve had great results with my Nordost speaker cables and Audioquest power cords. The difference in sound is not subtle and it is much more musical and enjoyable overall."
  • "So far I have been using it to burn in my Belden 8402 interconnects and I must say it has been revelatory. They have been in my system for well over a year and I use the system for quite a few hours every day (I work at home) so should be well burned in in the conventional sense, however four days for each interconnect on the Frybaby2 has changed them to the extent you would think they were different, much more expensive, interconnects. Each interconnect has received roughly 24 hours voltage burn in and then roughly 72 hours current burn in, whether this is optimal I have absolutely no idea but it seems to have worked. The main changes are in the bass which is much better defined and richer. This in turn has given a better sense of soundstage, etc."
  • "I have been having good success with the Frybaby2 so far. It made a huge difference on a 2 month old Pangea phono cable. I broke it in for 75 hours playing music off my DAC before installed it with a moving coil cart. Cooking for 3 days opened the sound up significantly. I have since cooked all my other cables, most of them 3 to 6 years old. The results were subtle but significant. Seems more dynamic with a bigger sound stage."
  • "This is great! Such more dynamics and depth in the speaker cables."
  • "I find it odd to say but the Frybaby2 works and it kicks ass. I've had a phono pre for 6 years using it intermittently. In just 5 hours with the Frybaby2, it opened up the bottom end and the bass is glorious. Now to finish this record and burn it in overnight. Next will be everything else. Thanks for designing this."
  • "So far I've burned in two pairs of interconnects. There is quite a difference in the sound: improved clarity, more air, bigger soundstage, more robust bass, and improved dynamics. Overall everything is clearer and has more impact. This is a very effective device."
  • "I really depend on these, as my recording duties constantly require me to 'break-in' new microphone cables of varying lengths - generally 10 to 20 feet! in length, quite a difference from the usual 'audiophile' 1 meter standard RCA interconnects! The long lengths really seem to effect the sound - starting as quite 'muffled' and 'closed-in,' but gradually changing (over the period of about one month!) to a very 'open' and 'dynamic' sound, which is what I am looking for. I don't think that most of the 'studio' recording people are aware of this effect. Their attitude is more generally 'wire-is-wire' with little appreciation (that an audiophile would have) of how the passive components can radically effect the sound."
  • "I borrowed my friend's Fry Baby recently to burn in my Grover Huffman cables. These ICs had thousands of hours on them and sounded very good, so I was not expecting the excellent results I heard. Initially I did the phono cables and then the ones from the phonostage to the linestage and then the pair from the linestage to the amp. With just the phono cables burnt in, I noticed a bit more detail, but nothing major. After the 2nd set of cables I was hearing much more detail and a big improvement in everything! Of course by the time the 3rd set was burnt in that really made a difference. What I heard was way better extension at both ends and bloom and decay to die for. My soundstage grew in width height and depth. Overall I'm very impressed as I hadn't expected such an improvement. What a fantastic item you've made with the Fry Baby!"