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FryCorder2 - Power Cord Burn-In Generator

$ 189.00

The FryCorder2 is a burn-in signal generator designed specifically for audio equipment power cords and room wiring. Just plug the unit into the wall and it immediately sends a sophisticated burn-in signal (a combination of wideband noise and swept amplitude modulation) into the wiring.


  • 1W peak output power
  • 1kHz to 100kHz signal bandwidth
  • 10Hz to 200Hz modulation sweep range
  • 2.5 x 4.5 x 1.5 inches
  • 120 to 240V



  • "Bottom line for me is burn in is real, the Frycorder2 made a very positive change in my power cords."
  • "I have already begun cooking a power cord and with only 24 hours on it I am impressed with the positive impact on SQ. Thank you again and best wishes."
  • "I conditioned one AC cable. I put it on my Grace Design class-A converter/pre-amp. I always considered my system to be very highly resolved. Now the sound is much better. Greater dynamics, reverb extends over nearly 180 degrees wide, each instrument in its own space, the last trace of boxiness removed. Everything is improved."
  • "I bought your Frycorder2 in 2020. I have just plugged it this week with a powercord we are selling, the improvement is amazing. More relax, more black ground. I have compared it to the same cable but naturally burnt 1000 hours and the difference is huge, with only 18 hours of burn in."
  • "I’m pleased w/ the results from just one power cord overnight."
  • "Totally different just after maybe 16 hrs on the Frycorder2. Coils much richer and full. Clarity improved etc ... Frycorder2 is indispensable now. Color me very impressed!"
  • "I received the Frycorder2 last Friday and just played with my first powercord on my modified Copland 301 mk2 Pré and it’s amazing the difference before and after the Frycorder. Much more airy, microdetails and rhythm & pace give me a much more musical feeling. Great product Jim."
  • "I ordered your Frycorder2 and received it on Monday. I'm using it to burn in a 1.5 meter 10 gauge silver clad plated fit power cord. I plugged it into my Furutech rhodium gtx outlet where I have my ps audio power plant premier. In 2 days my whole system sound quality has become way more open and dynamic. The Furutech rhodium outlet has been installed 2 yrs ago with 1,000's of hrs on it. Your cooker has taken it to the next level or more than I very thought it would. Thanks for a great audio product. A must for every audiophile."
  • "I would like to let you know that it worked perfect in my system and that the sonic step forward was great. The only drop of bitterness is the fact that you need very much time (not only 3 or 4 days but 2 weeks) to gain the best results. A wonderful piece that you have constructed."
  • "Just revived 2 same power cables. One without using your FryCorder, another FryCorded for 4 days. Listened & compared. Wow..., huge difference. Relaxed and opened up. REALLY can make such difference... ?? Thanks."
  • "Just let you know that my new power cable is markedly improved after only a 24 hour break-in on the Frycoder. A great tool indeed."