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Trumpet MC - Vacuum Tube Phonostage

$ 1,189.00

The Trumpet MC is a world-class phonostage suitable for the most demanding of audiophiles. This 3rd generation model maintains the superb sonic performance of the original, while cleverly cutting costs via technological advancements. The circuit remains fully balanced from input to output, including power supply. Equalization is split-passive with no feedback employed anywhere, resulting in a neutral non-fatiguing sonic presentation. Heaters are DC and a highly specialized internal low-noise boost converter generates B+ and B- rails (after a 40-second delay). A novel differential JFET front-end provides variable gain and loading capabilities needed for MC operation. With this flexibility any cartridge can be used, even MM. Premium components are used throughout, such as polypropylene capacitors and metal film resistors. The aluminum chassis has a rugged powdercoat and is designed to match the Tuba. This will be the last phonostage you ever buy!

Due to popular demand, I've added an MM version that is everything above but with the MC headamp section removed, leaving nothing but pure tube phono. This version is fixed at 44dB gain and 47k & 50pF loading. It uses the same enclosure (but with no loading or gain controls), so a future upgrade to MC status is possible.

A Wood Panel Upgrade Kit is now available for older units.


  • 47, 100, 220, 470, 1k, 47k ohm input loading
  • 48dB, 54dB, 60dB, 68dB, 74dB gain
  • 150pF input capacitance
  • 10Hz to 50kHz bandwidth (-3dB)
  • 70dBA ref 0.5mV signal-to-noise 
  • 0.04% @ 3Vrms distortion (1kHz)
  • 22Vrms @ 1% overload (1kHz)
  • +/-0.5dB equalization
  • 12AX7 x 4, 12AU7 x 2
  • 6 x 10 x 5.5 inches
  • 3 pounds
  • 15Vdc @ 2.1A
  • 120V/240V operation
  • Includes power supply & tubes




  • "There is a lusciousness to the sound. The Trumpet brings a plumpness and refinement to the sound, detail retrieval I never experienced before."
  • "Super cool phono stage. I think I like it better than a couple of 'all tube' kits I've built, which surprised me."
  • "I believe it is the very best for the very least ever created."
  • "I thought my Modwright was great but the Trumpet sounds better even on regular LPs."
  • "My courtship with the Trumpet continues, and I believe it is going to be a long relationship."
  • "I love the sound of this phono stage as it's the best I have ever used."
  • "So far so good, unit sounds great, I know it needs a little time to really settle in, but initial impressions are impressive. Incredible detail and dead quiet."
  • "My highest compliments to you on your design since I am blown away with how good the Trumpet MC is. I have a Herron VTPH-2A also and your design sounds Absolutely Stunning in my system."
  • "I received my Trumpet MC yesterday and I wanted to tell you how impressed I am. It is exactly what I was looking for and it sound's incredible, but you already knew that so I won’t go on."
  • "I was never able to afford the really high end / high bank account phono preamps, but I have used everything from an audio note pH 10 to an LFD LE to a audio research PH3 and I believe your phone on stage sounded the best, easily."
  • "I had no idea what a huge improvement your phono preamp could make, more than a cartridge or table upgrade. Biggest improvements over any component for vinyl."
  • "I received the TMC today. WOW. Such a vast difference. Thank you for making such a fantastic product. It’s a keeper. I can’t believe the sounds coming out now on the vinyl. WOW."
  • "All I can say is that I’m BLOWN AWAY!!! Beyond amazing! Totally transformed things!!!"
  • "Loving the Trumpet. Sounds like music. Sounds like details. Sound is fantastic."
  • "It is a lovely sounding thing Jim. I've played a couple of MM carts and a couple of low output MC carts and a high output MC cart through it and it makes everything sound absolutely terrific."
  • "This phono is amazing. At first I thought my LFD LE was so much better but after only a few LPs it just kills it."
  • "This phonostage is incredible. Thanks again. The Mullard reproductions also sound best in this unit compared to other 12ax7s. Very satisfied customer."
  • "I really think this pre does a great job of getting the music out of the speakers and helping them disappear, I just find myself listening deeper into the music and being more engaged with the actual performance with the trumpet."
  • "This is insane. Mind blown. Truly it’s amazing what you’ve created."
  • "Just got the Trumpet in. It's amazing. The step [up] from what this sounds like on the Cornet3 is totally bananas. How is your stuff not being listened to by literally everyone? I don't get it. This is just so damn good."
  • "Just wanted to say that I absolutely love my Trumpet MC! Have it with a Hana SL on a Townshend Rock 7 and the musicality they produce is fabulous."
  • "I am just blown away by the sound of the Hagerman Trumpet I received a couple months ago. I have been an avid listener of my vinyl records, and an avid collector, for over a decade. Without changing anything else in my system, the Trumpet has affected my appreciation for the possibilities of sound quality and has made me take stock and be truly grateful for my vinyl record collection. I never knew these heights of dynamic range and clarity. Probably no surprise this is also my first exposure to tubes. Otherworldly, man. Can't thank you enough."
  • "Received the Trumpet Mc today. Set it up with my VPI TNT, Graham 2.0 combo using the Zu Denon 103 LOMC Cartridge. Out of the box the Trumpet is dead quiet on my 100+ DB open baffle design speakers. I set Load at 200 and gain at 55. Having owned an original Trumpet that I paired with S & B 103 copper SUT. I can honestly say I do not feel like I am missing any Sound Quality. It was always a challenge to place the set up before and not induce noise. It is a pure pleasure to set up the Trumpet Mc and have a DEAD QUIET background straight away. Kudos on the latest design. As always, I am proud to own a Hagerman Labs Phono Pre."
  • "Ok, matched pair of Tungsram NOS tubes in the first 12AX7 spot, then current issue Gold Lion pair in the next (paid an extra $10 per tube for premium selection), and matched NOS Brimar 12AU7. WOW! Sounded good with the current production tubes, but no contest, the NOS tubes really do wonders! Definite upgrade."
  • "The trumpet MC arrived safely here in Perth, Western Australia today. I’m playing it right now and its easily the best phono stage I’ve had in my system. I have an expensive Spread Spectrum Technologies Ambrosia preamp with the phono stage option and the trumpet is on another level in comparison. Lesson taught lol."
  • "I just wanted to let you know... I'm really enjoying your Trumpet MC phono pre... you really knocked this out of the park... wow..."
  • "I received the Trumpet MC today in excellent condition. It is up and running perfectly and sounds really good right out of the box...quiet, smooth and refined. Oh yes, I really like how the Trumpet MC looks too!"
  • "I have been using the Trumpet MC for a couple weeks now, and threw some RCA clear tops into the 12AU7 sockets. Man this thing is great, the music has moved up several notches in my system. The music is wider, and much better separated than before, it has blown away digital recordings for sure. I did a comparison of Cat Stevens tune for my wife on vinyl and DSD, and she picked the vinyl hands down. Thanks for making a great product so reasonably priced (the hifi world can be crazy)."
  • "I was lusting for the Trumpet in it's various iterations for a while but it was either too expensive or not really flexible enough (MM only). But the Trumpet MC was the perfect match of features, form factor, ease of use and available for a reasonable 'real world' price. So I've been using it with a couple MM carts, 3-4 different MC cartridges and it sounds great with anything. It's hard to say exactly what is better. Sound-wise, it's not 'doing anything' that makes it remarkable, I feel like it's just more transparent and relaxed, like it never struggles. It sound very open, natural and clean. It's very addictive. I think it's a terrific product and value."
  • "I just wanted to take a moment to share my delight of your new Trumpet MC, it's taken my analog to a new level of audio bliss. Thank you for designing such a wonderful piece of equipment, at such an affordable price."