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Baritone - Vacuum Tube Buffer

$ 289.00

BARITONE is a vacuum tube buffer designed to warm up your digital audio. The 12AU7 operates at proper high voltage delivering huge headroom and low distortion. Add that tube magic and impart a vintage feel to your tone!


  • 10Hz to 35kHz bandwidth (-3dB)
  • 15Vrms output voltage (HI)
  • -2, 0, +4, +8dB gain (HI)
  • 0.3% distortion @ 1V, 1% @ 4V
  • 88dBA ref 1V signal-to-noise (40uV)
  • 12AU7 x 1
  • 9Vdc @ 450mA
  • Includes power supply & tube



  • "I absolutely love my new Baritone!"
  • "The shipping was super fast and I’m enjoying the tube buffer. I think this is a great product and I will definitely spread the word. I put in a Tung Sol reissue 12AU7 and like the 0dB setting the most so far."
  • "It's been a few months now since purchasing the Baritone buffer, and I just wanted to let you know how much I've been enjoying this versatile and innovative little device. At first I was using it between pre and power amps or between dac and preamps. It adds some welcome tonality and warmth to almost every solid-state configuration in my collection. And for some sources and preamps in the collection, the -2db gain setting nicely calms down a too-hot component."
  • "Really enjoying the Baritone! This is my 4th Hagerman product, thanx for providing lottsa bang for the buck."