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Piccolo Zero - LOMC Headamp

$ 249.00

Keep it in the groove! Piccolo Zero is a transimpedance headamp designed to operate LOMC cartridges in current mode (zero input impedance). This mode is desirable for its improved tracking ability, resulting in lower distortion and well controlled sonic presentation. There are four levels of gain, selected by internal switches. Use with any MM phonostage (like an SUT). 


  • 0.06 ohm input impedance @1kHz
  • 53, 69, 110, 220 gain (uV/uA)
  • 220 ohm output impedance
  • Includes power supply (24V @60mA)




  • "Very enjoyable presentation of the music. Loads of detail, and great sense of the venue. Spatial presentation is excellent."
  • "I really don't understand entirely about current mode operation, but I did notice a difference. After about an hour of listening, I began to hear more detail (like cymbal rides on a drum kit) and more image specificity in the soundstage, like on Three Blind Mice recordings where the album liner notes depict where each instrument is located."
  • "I matched the Trumpet phono pre and your Piccolo Zero with my Kiseki Blue Gold Spot MC. What a match this is, VERY snappy and natural!"
  • "I recently received my brand new (recently released) Piccolo Zero transimpedance MC head amplifier. Its sounds awesome! And it already completes for my favor with some good SUT’s - and perhaps more."
  • "I’ve been interested in transimpedence technology pre amps for some time, so bought the Piccolo to run through the MM phono input of my tube integrated. I couldn’t believe how good it sounded!"
  • "My Piccolo Zero arrived this morning, is hooked up and working fine. Tons of detail. Wonderful air and purity."